Thursday, July 27, 2006



Blogger Gruntor said...

That's the most horrifying thing I've ever seen!!!

1:02 PM

Blogger woody_germ said...

probably your worst nightmare!

3:55 PM

Blogger woodjo said...

Pretty scary to think I created this - no wonder they call you middle eastern! How did you make your face look like that?

11:57 AM

Blogger Emily's Imagination said...

oh man..this still makes me laugh!

7:11 PM

Blogger teenie said...

Okay...I'm new to your blog, but I'm not new to you, (though we haven't seen each other in a while)we *are* cousins, you know. I'm taking it by these comments that you really don't look like this. I hope I don't get in trouble by saying, "I'm very relieved." I hope you do post more. I've just discovered many relatives on FB and now, through Brittani, on blogspot. It's so nice to have a place to interact, our lives being so busy and all. Good to make contact Jer.

9:08 AM


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